Divine Project Ministry

Behind the Mask of Divine Project Ministry:
with Joshua Williams

Divine Project Ministry is a ministry that was birth in 2004, God showed me that I could Inspire, Encourage and Comfort all individuals with my craft of dancing. This ministry is a combination of solo performances as well as group performances that are divinely place together to create powerful projects. In this diverse ministry you will witness not only mime, but ballet and contemporary pieces as well.

  • DPM Inspires people using inspirational music to lift those in need and rekindle the love for Christ in their hearts
  • My hope is that my gift of dancing will Encourage everyone to live a productive and full life for Christ, holding back nothing that God has given them
  • Lastly, I strive to provide a sense of comfort to all those with broken, damaged and lost souls

As I pour into you what I love, I pray that God will show you how to unlock the mystery of your gift as well. I humbly hope that when you watch DPM that every move, facial expression and song choice will be a blessing to you and take you through this journey of life.

Thanks, Joshua L. Williams (Divine Projects Ministry)